Unscene : Issue 10



You cannot beat a good print mag.  That’s precisely what Unscene is, a good print mag… look at all the glorious content in Issue 1o

Interviews from: The March Violets, L’Ame Immortelle, Suicide Commando, Dead Eyes Opened, AlterRed, Kommand+Kontrol. Dreams Divide, Red Sun Revival and System:FX

Plus – Fashion, Live reviews and Album reviews.

The issue also comes with not one but TWO FREE CDs featuring tracks from –

CD1: The March Violets, Dead Eyes Opened, Red Sun Revival, AlterRed, Last July, Dreams Divide, Lesbian Bed Death, Sulpher, System:FX, Machine Rox, History Of Guns, Scandacross, The State, Beyond Violet, Verney 1826

CD2: L’Ame Immortelle, Neon Zoo, Angels Of Liberty, Attrition, Zeitgeist Zero, Kommand+Kontrol, Flesh Eating Foundation, Grooving In Green, Cauda Pavonis, Cortex Defect, Ghost In The Static, Art Diktator, Synoiz, X-KiN, Non Bio.

If you fancy something to flick through, pop along to http://www.animespresso.com/unscene/Ordering.html and they’ll sort you one out.