The Cruxshadows As The Dark Against My Halo

Wishfire Records


It is now about 5 years since the Cruxshadows last full length album and about 4 since I interviewed the band live on air for Ace Radio. During the interview we discussed where the bands plans would lead them given that thier record Label – Dancin Ferret Disks, had announced they would no longer be able to release new material or bands in their label.

Rouge answered the question by announcing the bands intention to form it’s own label and plans to spend the next 4 years writing and recording new material ready or the first full length album. So, the four years are up, the album is here… did it live up to Rogues promise to be the best Cruxshadows album to date? Read on dear reader, and see.

As with previous Cruxshadows releases, “As The Dark Against My Halo” draws upon themes of mythology, God, spirituality and personal sacrifice to weave an emotionally rousing neo-parables in true Cruxshadows tradition. It is difficult to listen to the album and not to feel a lump forming in your throat at some point.

Musically the band have turned in another excellent fusion of synths, electric violins, male vocals and guitar. This time however some of the tracks seems slightly more weighted to the electronica than in earlier releases. Not necessarily a bad thin, especially with a band so able to get the best out of such elements and who steadfastly refuse to sink to the usual, predictable and overused synth lines.

ATDAMH is an album that melds powerful, danceable tracks like “Valkyrie” and “Halo” with slower, more introspective tracks such as “Porcelain” and “Angelus Everlasting” thrown into the mix.

The album is an absolute must have for any fans of he band, and indeed for anyone who likes intelligent, well crafted and multi levelled electronica coupled with other elements.

Did did it live up to Rogue’s promise to be the best Cruxshadows album to date?
Well, “best” is a subjective measure, and everyone will have their own opinion about what CXS album is their personal favourite – but for me, this is the one.

4 out of 5
DJ Ghost