The Beauty of Gemina – Iscariot Blues

The Beauty of Gemina
‘Iscariot Blues’
Danse Macabre

The fourth album in 6 years from Switzerland darkwave trio The Beauty of Gemina adds further value to their stock. They’ve always been pretty consistent in their releases and are a proven quality live band, but perhaps their consistency did sometimes lean on “predictable” at times.

Well, that’s all changed with ‘Iscariot Blues’. Far more experimental than the predecessors (themselves high quality releases), with a bigger focus around the crafting of the song, pulled off triumphantly.

They make an immediate impact with opening track ‘Voices of Winter’, a chilling intro sets the scene before the deep booming voice of Michael Sele adds to the drive. Amongst the howling guitars and moody bass lines, there’s a huge track in there.

The likes of ‘Haddon Hall’ and ‘Golden Age’ provide an up-tempo swagger, whilst ‘Badlands’ sounds like something from an ice cold Western.

‘Stairs’ should be a contender for ‘top track of 2012’, a very slow minimalistic track, which focuses mainly on the soothing voice and icy atmosphere.

There isn’t really a weak point on this album, they’re a band that just keeps on screaming about how much they have to offer and with this, a fourth consecutive quality album, there is really no excuse to not check them out.

Even when you think they’ve offered all they can, there are always more surprises and penultimate track ‘7 Day Wonder’ throws up one of those surprises, electronic influences almost makes this track “dancey” – ooh… the horror…!

The Beauty of Gemina play London, Electrowerkz on February 25th.


Kevin Morris