Terrolokaust : Spare Promo Codes available


When the lovely people at DWA sent us the promo codes for our Terrolokaust giveaway, they wanted to make sure we had enough, so we’ve more than we needed at the June CH.

We will sort out a few bits and pieces to dish these out – perhaps you can see me (Kev) at the next Toxic/Tech Noir – our we’ll leave some out on the July CH for anyone who was absent for the June event.

Alternatively…. we will post any out with ANY order from our store – that’s here >> http://www.thecharnelhouse.com/store/

So whether you want a t-shirt, gig tickets, ball tickets, whatever – we’ll drop one in for you.

These promo codes get you 4 tracks from the album, free – we’ve got the full album (it’s cracking) and it’s a very good choice of free tracks 🙂

So, off you go – buy something 😉 http://www.thecharnelhouse.com/store/