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  • Kev’s Interim Albums of the Year

    A bit like last year, it’s been a strong early part of the year in terms of music – so I’ve drafted up a little “top 20 albums of the year so far”

    Quick reminder of the rules
    – No remix albums, live albums, EPs, Best Ofs, Alternative Versions, cover albums, etc.
    – Goth, Industrial, related only – hence the omission of the likes of Black Veil Brides or Bring Me the Horizon
    – Democratically voted for by a panel consisting of me
    – Subject to change for any end of year counts – are newer releases in a false position?
    – I don’t pretend I’ve heard every relevent album this year – have I missed something major? Let me know here!
    – And, of course, there are some good albums not in my top 20, merely because there were 20 albums I thought were better.

    So, here are my thoughts… in reverse order…

    20) Grooving in Green – Stranglehold
    19) Mindless Self Indulgence – How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit
    18) Zynic – Blindsided
    17) 9th Evolution – 9E INC
    16) Last July – True Story of a Lie
    15) Savages – Silence Yourself
    14) Krystal System – Rage
    13) Bloody Dead and Sexy – Bad Ambient
    12) Kitty in a Casket – Bittersweet
    11) Waterglass – The Bleak Will Inherit
    10) A Life Divided – The Great Escape
    9) Alterred – The Time It Takes to Smile
    8) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away
    7) Bad Pollyanna – Monsterous Child
    6) XP8 – Adrenochrome
    5) Terrolokaust – Spit the Posion Out
    4) Mesh – Automation Baby
    3) Comaduster – Hollow Worlds
    2) The .Invalid – Aesthetics of Failure
    1) The March Violets – Made Glorious


  • New World Darkness 18.06.2013

    Playlist from tonight.  Back next Tuesday

    Listen again : http://www.mixcloud.com/kev36663/new-world-darkness-18062013/

    Mesh – Crash
    Interface – It Begins today
    Rabia Sorda – Eye M The Blacksheep
    The Legendary Pink Dots – A Star is Born
    Alterred – Me and Conrad Veidt
    Grossstadtgefluester – 1000 Tonnen Glück
    Celldweller – Own Little World (Blue Stahli Remix)
    Kitty in a Casket – The Cheesy Song
    Bloody Dead and Sexy – One By One
    Mr Kitty – Heaven
    Covenant – I Scan The Surface
    Bad Pollyanna – Where Does It Hurt?
    Army of the Universe – The Hipster Sacrifice
    Front Line Assembly – Killing Grounds
    Imperative Reaction – Siphon (Cut the Rope Mix)
    Sigur Ros – Kveikur
    Psy’Aviah – Circles
    Grossstadtgefluester – Meine Sonne
    Blue Stahli – Never Dance Again
    The Eden House – Wasted on Me
    Helalyn Flowers – Hi-Tech Medusa
    Celldweller – Uncrowned
    Terrolokaust – The Way It Must Be
    Aesthetic Perfection – Antibody (Deadbeat Remix)


  • Terrolokaust : Spare Promo Codes available


    When the lovely people at DWA sent us the promo codes for our Terrolokaust giveaway, they wanted to make sure we had enough, so we’ve more than we needed at the June CH.

    We will sort out a few bits and pieces to dish these out – perhaps you can see me (Kev) at the next Toxic/Tech Noir – our we’ll leave some out on the July CH for anyone who was absent for the June event.

    Alternatively…. we will post any out with ANY order from our store – that’s here >> http://www.thecharnelhouse.com/store/

    So whether you want a t-shirt, gig tickets, ball tickets, whatever – we’ll drop one in for you.

    These promo codes get you 4 tracks from the album, free – we’ve got the full album (it’s cracking) and it’s a very good choice of free tracks 🙂

    So, off you go – buy something 😉 http://www.thecharnelhouse.com/store/


  • So – who are Terrolokaust?

    Terrolokaust-GLTV-promo-1-7As you may be aware, we’re having an album launch party for Terrolokaust at Charnel House on June 1st, they’re also platying the UK in July – which includes Legends in Newcastle on July 22nd.

    But, who are Terrolokaust?

    Well, if you were at Resistanz festival this year, you’ll know the answer to that question. If not, well, they were one of the low-billed bands that threatened to steal the show.

    The Spanish duo have already released two albums, but it’s with their third, ‘Spit the Poison Out’, that they’re most expected to make waves. We’ve got a copy of the album (and a few copies to give away to you lot) and, well, it’s pretty smart.

    Musically, well, if you imagine Korn waking up one morning and going “you know what? Them tracks we did with Skrillex were good, but what we really need to do is work with Combichrist” then it’d kinda be like that.

    If you like bands like Rammstein, Rob Zombie, etc. then they’re probably worth a listen.

    Also, even if you don’t win a copy of the album at CH – everyone in attendance will receive a postcard with a unique code on – this will allow you to download 4 tracks from the album free of charge and, should you decide to purchase the album, will grant a 20% discount.

    Phew. Are we good to you, or what?


  • The Charnel House June event / Terrolokaust album launch


    The next Charnel House will be on March 2nd at Butlers Bar, from 6.30pm.

    We’ll be playing our usual mix of Gothic-Rock, Post-Punk, Industrial and Alt 80s with DJs Ghost, Queenie and Kev36663.

    We’ve also got a wee promo night for Terrolokaust as they are releasing their new album ‘Spit the Poison Out’ and will be touring with Icon of Coil in July.

    We’ll be spinning a couple of tracks and also there’ll be assorted giveaways.

    Hope to see you there.