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  • New World Darkness Playlist 27.11.2012

    Radio playlist originally from 27.11.2012 on www.1radio.org

    Dead When I Found Her – Controversy
    Hocico – Vile Whispers
    Jesus on Extasy – Holy Beauty
    Radio DCS – Urgent
    Dutch Order – Contact
    Mono Inc – Revenge
    Lord of the Lost – Shut Up When You’re Talking to Me
    The Nightchild – The Child of Madness
    Cruxshadows – Angelus Everlasting
    Suicidal Romance – Remember Me
    Apoptygma Berzerk – Shadow
    Hanging Doll – Blood Ridden Skies
    Ravage! Ravage! – Trick Mirror (video below)
    Red Sun Revival – Lost for Words
    Gates of Dawn – Titan (Lovers on Saturn)
    Hocico – The Watched
    Ost+Front – Ich Liebe Es
    Radio DCS – Voodoo Doll
    Lebanon Hanover – Canibal
    Luxury Stranger – Ripple
    Cold in Berlin – Brick by Brick
    Uberbyte – Archetype

    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFTvdLqgg64′]