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  • New World Darkness Playlist 02.07.2013

    Have a playlist….

    …and a listen again link : http://www.mixcloud.com/kev36663/new-world-darkness-2nd-july-2013/

    Mindless Self Indulgence – Witness
    Grooving in Green – King Medicore
    The March Violets – A Little Punk Thing
    Front Line Assembly – Ghosts (Greg Reely Remix)
    Mesh – Born to Lie
    Esben and the Witch – Smashed to Pieces in the Still of the Night (Teeth of the Sea Remix)
    Unwoman – Seven Nation Army
    MiXE1 – Lights Out
    Crossfaith – Omen
    Aethetic Perfection – Hit the Street
    Surgyn – Haemorrhage
    The .Invalid – Breaksequence
    System:FX – Overdriven rmx
    Last July – Glamorous Parasite
    A Life Divided – The Last Dance
    Funker Vogt – Six Feet Under
    9th Evolution – Priced to Sell
    Forever Still – The Key
    Krystal System – Rage
    Waterglass – Someone Like You
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Mermaids
    Comaduster – Chasms
    Aesthetic Perfection – Antibody
    Nightchild – Memories


  • New World Darkness Playlist 14.05.2013

    Here we go again – playlist from 14.05.2013

    File to listen again : http://www.mixcloud.com/kev36663/new-world-darkness-14th-may-2013/

    See you next Tuesday

    The Beauty of Gemina – The Lonesome Death of a Goth DJ
    Kitty in a Casket – Kreepsville
    Vuvuvultures – I’ll Cut You
    Blue Stahli – Burning Bridges
    Rossi Noise – Grin and Bare It
    Delain – Cordell
    The March Violets – Bottle of Poison
    9th Evolution – Collapsing 101
    Mechanical Cabaret – Disbehave
    Gothminister – Utopia
    Squid – Fist
    The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Steph(V)Enson
    Mesh – Adjust Your Set
    Kitty in a Casket – Dancing With The Devil [vid below]
    Savages – Waiting for A Sign
    Blue Stahli – Takedown (Xina Version)
    Midless Self Indulgence – Witness
    Mono Inc – My Deal with God
    Aghast Manor – Penetrate
    Delain – Breathe On Me
    The Saint Paul – Consequence
    9th Evolution – Priced to Sell
    Method Cell – The Fallacy (Exhibit A)
    AlterRed – Spine
    Murder Love God – Witch

    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnVTzl_Vmn8′]


  • New World Darkness Playlist 16.04.2013

    This weeks playlist, plus an accompanying video below

    Podcast of it here : http://www.mixcloud.com/kev36663/new-world-darkness-16042013/

    The Children of the Plague – Neon Roller Skates
    Hope Estheim – Sleepwalking Socities
    Icon of Coil – Dead Enough for Life
    Last July – Autumn
    De/Vision – We Fly… Tonight
    Terrolokaust – The Way it Must Be
    Aesthetic Perfection – The Great Depression
    WaterGlass – Seventeen
    Foretaste – Dying for the First Time in My Life (US)
    IAMX – I Come With Knives
    Mesh – Just Leave Us Alone
    Psionic – Time to Let Go
    A Life Divided – The Last Dance
    Attrition – Karma Mechanic
    Torul – I’m Still Here
    Last July – Glamorous Parasite
    Cold in Berlin – The Lie
    i! – Metal
    Mesh – Born to Lie (Duet Version)
    WaterGlass – Far From Faith
    The March Violets – Discoboy Must Die
    Informatik – Miles Away
    Celldweller – Younger
    Dungeon Elite – Meteorite
    Hadouken! – Vortex

    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5okKdGS_4og’]


  • New World Darkness Playlist 05.06.12

    A special extended show looking specifically at British bands – a bit of a mix through some new bands and releases from the UK.  Back to normal from next week.

    Alice Moving Under Skies – Painted Faces
    Kommand + Kontrol – Watched by Machines
    Flesh Eating Foundation – So Yeah (Angelspit Remix)
    Lesbian Bed Death – Ghost Face
    O Children – PT Cruiser
    Inertia – Repeat and Follow
    Surgyn – Sharp as Stars
    Lebanon Hanover – Totally Tot
    Miserylab – Tomorrow For Us
    Null White – Burn
    Pitchshifter – UnUnited Kingdom
    Terminal Gods – Electric Eyes
    Cauda Pavonis – Peace through Superior Firepower
    Terrornation – X Factory
    Paresis – Alice
    March Violets – Tokyo Flow
    Killing Joke – In Cythera
    From the Cradle to the Rave – Bedtime for Austerity
    Cease2Xist – I Am Destroyer
    Zeitgeist Zero – When the Lights Go Down
    The Eden House – Neversea
    MiXE1 – Spark in the Air
    Mesh – You’ll Never Understand
    Outsight – Beneath a Steel Sky




  • New World Darkness Playlist 08.05.12

    Great show again tonight, see you all next Tuesday, 15th May, 8pm-9pm

    The playlist for tonight was as follows :

    The March Violets – Dandelion King (Mark GTReMix)
    Darker Day Tomorrow – Idol
    Ad Inferna – All Shall Die
    The Watermarks – Run Away
    Ending the Vicious Cycle – One Thousand Words (Angels of Liberty Mix)
    Oomph! – Zwei Schritte Vor
    Lacuna Coil – Losing My Religion
    Essence of Mind – It’s Killing You
    Marilyn Manson – The Gardener
    Peter Heppner – Meine Welt
    Miserylab – Tomorrow for Us
    Garbage – Not Your Kind of People