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  • Kev’s Interim Albums of the Year

    A bit like last year, it’s been a strong early part of the year in terms of music – so I’ve drafted up a little “top 20 albums of the year so far”

    Quick reminder of the rules
    – No remix albums, live albums, EPs, Best Ofs, Alternative Versions, cover albums, etc.
    – Goth, Industrial, related only – hence the omission of the likes of Black Veil Brides or Bring Me the Horizon
    – Democratically voted for by a panel consisting of me
    – Subject to change for any end of year counts – are newer releases in a false position?
    – I don’t pretend I’ve heard every relevent album this year – have I missed something major? Let me know here!
    – And, of course, there are some good albums not in my top 20, merely because there were 20 albums I thought were better.

    So, here are my thoughts… in reverse order…

    20) Grooving in Green – Stranglehold
    19) Mindless Self Indulgence – How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit
    18) Zynic – Blindsided
    17) 9th Evolution – 9E INC
    16) Last July – True Story of a Lie
    15) Savages – Silence Yourself
    14) Krystal System – Rage
    13) Bloody Dead and Sexy – Bad Ambient
    12) Kitty in a Casket – Bittersweet
    11) Waterglass – The Bleak Will Inherit
    10) A Life Divided – The Great Escape
    9) Alterred – The Time It Takes to Smile
    8) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away
    7) Bad Pollyanna – Monsterous Child
    6) XP8 – Adrenochrome
    5) Terrolokaust – Spit the Posion Out
    4) Mesh – Automation Baby
    3) Comaduster – Hollow Worlds
    2) The .Invalid – Aesthetics of Failure
    1) The March Violets – Made Glorious


  • New World Darkness Playlist 7th May 2013

    Bit belated but here’s the playlist from last week’s radio show.  Back as normal on Tuesday on www.1radio.org – tune in from 6pm, first for The Charnel House show with DJ Ghost then for New World Darkness

    Big Thanks to AlterRed for the interview.

    listen again here >>> http://www.mixcloud.com/kev36663/new-world-darkness-07052013/

    The Beauty of Gemina – Suicide Landscapes
    William Control – Romance and Devotion
    Alterred interview – Part 1
    Alterred – In The Garden
    Riot 87 – We Are Back
    Knife Party – EDM Death Machine
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Mermaids
    Skinner Box – Goldfish Memory
    Krystal System – Rage
    Hope Estheim – Sleepwalking Socities
    Alterred – Suits Me Like A Coma
    Alterred – Interview Part 2
    Alterred – Better Than Mending
    Alterred – Red and Black Coins
    Savages – No Face
    Stupid Bitch Reject – Only
    Telemark – Like Handling a Rope
    Last July – Glamorous Parasite
    Glis – Seconds
    The March Violets – Made Glorious
    Waterglass – Message Ends