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  • CH Recommends : Cold in Berlin, Danse Society and Wake

    OK – so here is a tasty show and a half we well recommend if you can make it.

    Cluny 2 – April 11th

    Headlined by Cold in Berlin, to celebrate their 3rd album, ‘The Comfort of Loss and Dust’.  The bill is completed by the legendary Danse Society and local post-garage rockers Wake.

    More about each band, to wet your appetite.

    Cold in Berlin are one of the many excellent bands in the UK post-punk scene and put on a spellbinding live performance, they’ve played a range of events from Whitby Goth Weekend to Candle-Fest and woo’d crowds at each.   Their new album promises to be darker, slower and better – to lift directly from the press release : A black mass of punk rock, doom-gaze awaits the listener, fired by the Gothic imaginings of vocalist/lyricist Maya. With its dark soundscapes spun in haunting imagery and a feeling of the uncanny, The Comfort of Loss & Dust plays like the aural accompaniment to a Hermann Hesse nightmare. The down-tuned guitars and powerful drums create a tide of sound; carrying Maya‘s vocals as she twists and writhes through the murky waters of love, loss and bone-shaking lust.

    The Danse Society : Originally formed in 1980, The Danse Society had assorted hits in the indie charts including ‘Somewhere’, ‘We’re so Happy’, ‘2000 Light Years from Home’ (see below) and the double A-side of ‘Clock’/’Continent’.   Although the band split in 1987 they recently reformed and are doing shows again.

    Wake : aka Joseph O’Donnell and Jack Hope are known for being one of the most explosive and attention-grabbing bands on the local scene at the minute, expect their set to contain deafening levels of riffage and some serious sick rhythms.

    OK, I nicked that from NARC – but they summed them up perfectly.

    And… the best bit…

    Tickets are just £6 in advance.  Yep.  £6 in advance.  You can grab them from seetickets here – or from Reflex Records – or pay a bit more on the door on the night (£8)


  • New World Darkness Playlist 23.04.2013

    Here you go – playlist below – podcast here : http://www.mixcloud.com/kev36663/new-world-darkness-23042013/

    Back on www.1radio.org next Tuesday from 7pm (UK time) – Ghost from 6pm!

    Skeletal Family – Promised Land
    The Hiram Key – Meds
    Clan of Xymox – Is Vic There?
    Within Temptation – Grenade
    Last July – True Story of a Lie
    Republica – Christiana Obey
    Torul – Glow
    Sleetgrout – Get Rid of This Life
    Terrolokaust – The Way it Must Be (FGFC820 Mix)
    The Beauty of Gemina – Rumours (Myrhh Sessions)
    The Danse Society – White Rabbit
    You Love Her Coz She’s Dead – Leap of Desire
    Mesh – You Didn’t Want Me
    Stahlmann – Leuchtfeuer
    Code 64 – Accelerate
    Deadcell – Ode to Fuck
    Hope Estheim – You’ll Never Have Her Fire
    Within Temptation – The Power of Love
    Blind Passenger – I Ran
    Riot 87 – Unstoppable
    Dungeon Elite – Meteorite
    The Beauty of Gemina – Kingdom of Cancer
    Waterglass – Only You
    Foretaste – 21 (Franck Kartell Remix)
    Dismantled – Dead on Impact (Afterlife Party Remix)
    WormZ – Red Queen


  • New World Darkness Playlist 19.03.2013

    Playlist from my show from 19th March 2013.

    You can listen again here >>>> http://www.mixcloud.com/kev36663/new-world-darkness-19th-march-2013/

    The Stompcrash – Cat’s Eyes
    Mesh – Just Leave Us Alone
    Zeromancer – Bye-Bye Borderline
    The Hiram Key – The Lie
    Grooving in Green – More News on Nothing
    Krystal System – Rage (video below)
    Moonrise – Ribbons
    Mindless Self Indulgence – Witness
    KMFDM – I <3 Not
    The Chapman Family – Adult
    The Beauty of Gemina – Stairs
    Faderhead – Take Your Fucking Meds
    Waterglass – Bleak
    Mesh – Automation Baby
    No Not Never – Back of Your Car
    Danse Society – White Rabbit
    Dead When I Found Her – No More Nightmares
    Mindless Self Indulgence – Hey Tomorrow Fuck You and Your Friend Yesterday
    Krystal System – A Quick Pray
    Soho Dolls – Pleasures of Soho
    Ghost & writer – Gambit
    Mono Inc – My Own Worst Enemy
    Gazelle Twin – This is My Hand
    Die Perlen – Pogo Dancing

    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJipcus9oJM’]