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  • CH Recommends : Covenant

    COVENANT 2015

    March sees the return of Covenant, whose last show for us was simply amazing.

    Covenant’s show in 2011 (the last time they toured the UK) impressed many people and we’re bigger and better for a 2015 tour.
    Covenant hit up Newcastle University on March 5th – so if you thought the show was great last time they’ve got a bigger stage, bigger lights and a bigger performance.
    This is a rare chance to see Covenant. This will only be their second Newcastle show and they are an impressive live band, with a massive array of club hits and classic tracks, including ‘We Stand Alone’, ‘Ritual Noise’ and ‘Dead Stars’ – and that’s not forgetting their stunning recent album, ‘Leaving Babylon’.

    Support comes from excellent Scottish synth act Analog Angel, also playing their second Newcastle show (and they haven’t been here since 2012). The show will be opened by Naked Lunch – a band who were one of the real movers and shakers of the early 80s synth break through.


    Tickets are available from www.seetickets.com and locally from Reflex Records.

    Here’s a little video of them :

    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qIXIHAmcKU’]


  • New World Darkness 18.06.2013

    Playlist from tonight.  Back next Tuesday

    Listen again : http://www.mixcloud.com/kev36663/new-world-darkness-18062013/

    Mesh – Crash
    Interface – It Begins today
    Rabia Sorda – Eye M The Blacksheep
    The Legendary Pink Dots – A Star is Born
    Alterred – Me and Conrad Veidt
    Grossstadtgefluester – 1000 Tonnen Glück
    Celldweller – Own Little World (Blue Stahli Remix)
    Kitty in a Casket – The Cheesy Song
    Bloody Dead and Sexy – One By One
    Mr Kitty – Heaven
    Covenant – I Scan The Surface
    Bad Pollyanna – Where Does It Hurt?
    Army of the Universe – The Hipster Sacrifice
    Front Line Assembly – Killing Grounds
    Imperative Reaction – Siphon (Cut the Rope Mix)
    Sigur Ros – Kveikur
    Psy’Aviah – Circles
    Grossstadtgefluester – Meine Sonne
    Blue Stahli – Never Dance Again
    The Eden House – Wasted on Me
    Helalyn Flowers – Hi-Tech Medusa
    Celldweller – Uncrowned
    Terrolokaust – The Way It Must Be
    Aesthetic Perfection – Antibody (Deadbeat Remix)


  • New World Darkness Playlist 11.06.2013

    Listen again here : http://www.mixcloud.com/kev36663/new-world-darkness-11th-june-2013/

    Playlist :

    Celldweller – Tragedy
    Bad Pollyanna – Awake Now
    Terrolokaust – Dwindling Hope
    In Strict Confidence – Justice
    Psy’Aviah – Letting Go
    Celldweller – Waiting
    Halo in Reverse – King O
    Luxury Stranger – Face
    Bloody Dead and Sexy – Home is Where My Heart May Rest
    Technoir – We Came for Love
    Covenant – Last Dance
    9th Evolution – Brightness falls
    Murder Love God – Going to Hell (no soul to keep mix)
    The Eden House – Bad Men
    Waterglass – Far from Faith
    Aesthetic Perfection – Antibody
    Cauda Pavonis – Terror in the Nursery 666
    Celldweller – Ghosts
    Deconbrio – Distractions
    Lovelorn Dols – After Dark
    Bad Pollyanna – My Incubi
    Kitty in a Casket – Dancing With the Devil
    Partly Faithful – Stop
    Evestus – Everybody Dies

    And a vid : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVkX-D1bgf4