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  • Kev’s 2014 albums of the year

    As I’m sure you know – each year Kev likes to list his top 20 albums of the year.  Picked across a broad sense of the so-called Shwarze-Szene that includes everything from Goth, Post-Punk, EBM, Industrial, Gothic-Metal, etc. it doesn’t include out and out rock and metal hence the absence of bands like The Marmozets and Beartooth (and he wasn’t quite sure where to place Pvris despite them often being played on his show)

    This is the list, if there’s someone there you don’t know – why not check them out? As always these are present in a podcast which you can listen to here

    New World Darkness 04 January 2015 by Kev36663 on Mixcloud


    20) Pretty Addicted – It all Stems from Childhood
    19) Lovelorn Dolls – Japanese Robot Invastion
    18) Neuro-Sentence – The Shores of Anhedonia
    17) Dreams Divide – Tears from the Night Sky
    16) The Gothsicles – Squid Icarus
    15) Winter in Eden – Court of Conscience
    14) Angelspit – The Product
    13) Mixe1 – Scarlit Skin
    12) Lacuna Coil – Broken Crown Halo
    11) Psy’Aviah – The Xenogamous Endeavour
    10) Vanguard – Retribution
    9) Surgyn – Envy
    8) 2:54 – The Other I
    7) Peter Murphy – Lion
    6) Rave the Reqviem – Rave the Reqviem
    5) Delain – The Human Contradiction
    4) 3Teeth – 3Teeth
    3) Post War Glamour Girls – Pink Fur
    2) Aesthetic Perfection – ‘Til Death
    1) Bird – My Fear and Me


  • New World Darkness 12.02.2013 – Not Your Valentines Special

    It was a bit nice to do things a little bit differently. With new stuff still very much present, but on the backburner, I got in a lot of topical tracks – some of which were long since dropped from playlists.

    I return to my regular self from 19th February, 7pm on www.1radio.org

    You can download/stream the below from my mixcloud : www.mixcloud.com/kev36663

    Cauda Pavonis – Love Like Broken Glass
    Blutengel – You Walk Away
    Killing Miranda – Touched by Jesus
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Jubilee Street (video below)
    HIM – Right Here in My Arms
    Lesbian Bed Death – She Wants It (Just Not From You)
    A Life Divided – The Last Dance
    Depeche Mode – Heaven
    Prodigy v Enya – Orinoco Bitch
    Mono Inc – Forgiven
    Blue Stahli – Ultranumb (video below)
    Der Bote – Lebenslang
    Mesh – People Like Me
    Combichrist – Shut Up And Swallow
    Pain – Bye/Die
    Intelligentsia – Badlands (Anarchy Mix)
    Vega Nova – Serene
    Tiamat – I Am in Love With Myself
    Zeromancer – Lace and Armour
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away
    Lebanon Hanover – No One Holds Hands
    Eluveitie – Neverland
    Turisas – Rasputin
    Pro-Jekt – Obsession
    Angelspit – 100%

    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwS0qu7pL8k’]


    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAxOulZm_Zg’]