So – who are Terrolokaust?

Terrolokaust-GLTV-promo-1-7As you may be aware, we’re having an album launch party for Terrolokaust at Charnel House on June 1st, they’re also platying the UK in July – which includes Legends in Newcastle on July 22nd.

But, who are Terrolokaust?

Well, if you were at Resistanz festival this year, you’ll know the answer to that question. If not, well, they were one of the low-billed bands that threatened to steal the show.

The Spanish duo have already released two albums, but it’s with their third, ‘Spit the Poison Out’, that they’re most expected to make waves. We’ve got a copy of the album (and a few copies to give away to you lot) and, well, it’s pretty smart.

Musically, well, if you imagine Korn waking up one morning and going “you know what? Them tracks we did with Skrillex were good, but what we really need to do is work with Combichrist” then it’d kinda be like that.

If you like bands like Rammstein, Rob Zombie, etc. then they’re probably worth a listen.

Also, even if you don’t win a copy of the album at CH – everyone in attendance will receive a postcard with a unique code on – this will allow you to download 4 tracks from the album free of charge and, should you decide to purchase the album, will grant a 20% discount.

Phew. Are we good to you, or what?