Screams from the Charnel House Radio Show Playlsit March 20th 2012

Joy division – Love will tear us apart
Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia my reflection
Phantom Visions – Ancient Dream
Pink Turns Blue – Can’t be Long
Corrosion – Resurrection Playground
Peter Murphy – Memory Go
New Model Army – Bittersweet
Rubella Ballet – Mummy
Romance – The Light
Ending the Vicious Cycle – 1000 words
Rubico – Unspoken
RazorBladeKisses – Pretty Dead Doll
Alien Sex Fiend – clockwork Bannana
Play Dead – Poison Takes a hold
Theatre of hate – Future World
TMTWNBBFN – Victorias secret
Sisters of Mercy – Alice
Department S – Is Vic There

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