Screams from the Charnel House Radio Show Playlist May 15th 2012

Siouxsie Sue – Into a swan
Pink turns blue – No more reasons (to call us alive)
We came from waters – Yellow Position
Peter Murphy – The Prince and old lady shade
Partly Faithful – Partly Faithful
Play Dead -Propaganda
Romance -Paris Burning
Rome Burns -Coordinates of control
Zeitgeist Zero -When the lights go down
Rubicon -Unspoken
Sisters of Mercy – Black Planet
The Scary Bitches – Bats
Screaming Banshee aircrew – Titanic verses
Skeletal Family – Promised land
Dystopian Society – The Legacy of war
Salvation – The happening
March violets – Tokyo flow
A place to bury strangers – To fix the gash in your head
O Children – Ezekeil’s son
Tongue – Casual T’s
Cauda Pavonis – Warriors