Screams from the Charnel House Radio Show May 8th 2012

Momento Mori UK – Big Nadir
MiseryLab – Children of the poor
The Marionettes – She said
Siouxsie and the banshees – Christine
Wolfshiem – Once in a lifetime
Fear of darkness – The other side of the hill
Play dead – Time
Suspiria – Night time
Valentines Love Religion – Edelfaul
Principie Valinete – One more time
Pink turns Blue – Now’s the time
The Awakening – Upon the water
Le Vene Di Lucretia – Dento La Verine
Sisters of Mercy – Dominion
The March Violets – Tokyo flow
Phantom Visions – More than than
The Foreign resort – Orange Glow
Rome Burns – Non-specific ghost story
New Model Army – Over the Wire
Ministry – Theives
Munley and the Lee Lewis Harlots – A Denver boot Redux