Screams from the Charnel House Radio Show Feb 28th

O Children – Dead Disco Dancer
The Cult – Rise
Balaam and the Angel – The Wave
We Came from Waters – We Came from Waters
The Sisters of Mercy – Marian
Play Dead – Sin of Sins
The Foreign Resort – Take a Walk
The Alarm – 68 guns
Theatre of Hate – Communication Ends
Manuskript – No Reprise
Pretentious Moi? – Living, Dead, or Undecided
Christine Play Viola – Permutations
Jame Ray’s Gangwar – Mountain voices
Rebentisch – Befreien
Eternal Nightmare – The Worst Day in History
Cromax International – Electric Pussy Boogie
The Scary Bitches – Lesbian Vampires from Outer Space
Zeitgeist Zero – The Grudge
Momento Mori UK – Cold Lane
Xmal Deutchland – Orient
The March Violets – Walk into the Sun

Next week’s shows will be broadcast at the unusual times of 23.00-midnight on Tuesday and 18.00 – 20.00 on Wednesday.