Screams From the Charnel House Radio Show Feb 21st

Clan of Xymox – Emily
Uninvited Guest -Beautiful Orchid
Wolfsheim -Heroin she said
Sisters of mercy – First and last and always
Phantom Visions – Please please please
Seventh Harmonic – Aiode
Pete Murphy – See Saw Sway
Silver Rocket -The Worst is yet to come
New Model Army -Small Time England
We Came from Waters -Android
Beuty of Gemina – Seven day wonder
Siouxsie & the Banshees – Arabain nights
Play dead – Sin of sins
The Knutz -Ghost dance party
Red lorry yellow lorry -Hands off me
Rubella Ballet -Every Second counts
Alien Sex fiend – Dead and buried
Theatre of Hate – I can see
Fear of darkness – After the Fire
Deuxvolt – Dance with Ghosts
KMFDM – Krank

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