Screams from the Charnel House Radio Show. 03/04/2012

James Ray – Take it
Ending the vicious cycle – 1000 words
O Children – Dead eye lover
Medicine rain – Walk away
Elusive – Dream on sister
Mystigma – Thoughts Unspoken
7th Harmonic – Aiode
Engines of excess – Towers of Silence
Crud – Reality
Essence of mind – Just like that
Mari Chrome – Toxic
Angel fish – Suffocate me
The Eternal Fall – The Scar
Dyonisis – Hunter
Abney Park – I’m stretched on your grave
Adoration – Slowmotion
The Mission – Sway
Tongue – Casual Ts
New Model Army – Over the wire
The Bolshoi – Please
The Lords of the New Church – Live for today
Scary bitches – Birds and Bees
The Ruts – Babylons burning