• New World Darkness playlist 28/02/12

    Here we go – next show is next Tuesday, 8pm-9pm on www.1radio.org

    Zeitgeist Zero – Self Control
    Lord of the Lost – October 29
    Deconbrio – Misbehave
    Inure – The Call
    Mindless Faith – You Don’t Know Shit
    Staubkind – Kannst du mich seh’n
    Bondage Fairies – Morphine
    Zeitgeist Zero – When the Lights Go Down
    Mono Inc – Tired of the Day
    Rammstein – Engel
    Megaherz – Jagdzeit
    The Beauty of Gemina – Prophecy



  • Screams from the Charnel House Radio Show Feb 28th

    O Children – Dead Disco Dancer
    The Cult – Rise
    Balaam and the Angel – The Wave
    We Came from Waters – We Came from Waters
    The Sisters of Mercy – Marian
    Play Dead – Sin of Sins
    The Foreign Resort – Take a Walk
    The Alarm – 68 guns
    Theatre of Hate – Communication Ends
    Manuskript – No Reprise
    Pretentious Moi? – Living, Dead, or Undecided
    Christine Play Viola – Permutations
    Jame Ray’s Gangwar – Mountain voices
    Rebentisch – Befreien
    Eternal Nightmare – The Worst Day in History
    Cromax International – Electric Pussy Boogie
    The Scary Bitches – Lesbian Vampires from Outer Space
    Zeitgeist Zero – The Grudge
    Momento Mori UK – Cold Lane
    Xmal Deutchland – Orient
    The March Violets – Walk into the Sun

    Next week’s shows will be broadcast at the unusual times of 23.00-midnight on Tuesday and 18.00 – 20.00 on Wednesday.


  • Durham Masked Ball and Banquet

    Charnel House Promotions  cordially invite you to the inaugural Durham Masked Ball to be held on the Saturday 25th of August 2012 in the historical surroundings of the Joachim Room in Durham, part of the St.Hild and St. Bede Campus of Durham University.

    The ball will be a formal event with a 3 course served banquet followed by dancing and revelry. Masks are encouraged, with a formal unmasking at midnight.

    Theme to be announced shortly.

    Tickets will be £50 for a single ticket or £90 for a pair.

    Early bird tickets will be available until March 31st and will be offered at the lower rate of £45 for a single or £80 for a pair.  These are available to reserve at any Charnel House, or can be bought below.

    Formal greeting by your hosts from 20.00 Banquet to be served from 20.30 with soft music to accompany followed by a ball and dancing till 01.00.

    Single Ticket : 

    Pair : 


  • The new look website

    Sure you might have noticed our home page, www.thecharnelhouse.com has undergone a little bit of a makeover.

    We’ve had pretty much the same design for many years – and this hasn’t really accommodated some of the changing needs for the website – so we’ve given it a bit of an overhaul.

    News – it’s now easier than ever for you to find the latest news about the club or projects we’re involved in.

    Playlists – a simplified directory of the music we’ve been playing

    Reviews – a new function.  We receive a lot of great music – a lot of which you’ll hear at the club or on the radio shows – we’ve decided to share with you some writings of some of the latest releases we’ve received.

    We’ve also a sample of some of our recommended releases available in the the column to the right of this website.  Some good albums and some good prices.

    Once again, thanks for your support – we hope to see you soon.


  • New World Darkness Radio Playlist 21/02/12

    Playlist from Kev’s New World Darkness Radio show from 21/02/12

    Next show, 8pm-9pm on 28/02/12 on www.1radio.org

    Lord of the Lost – Bad Romance
    Eisbrecher – Verruckt
    Zeromancer – Revengefuck
    Deconbrio – Bearing Your Sins
    Celldweller – The Lucky One
    The Beauty of Gemina – Golden Age
    Down Below – Zeichen
    Lord of the Lost – Beyond Beautiful
    Roterfeld – I Would Rather Ride Into Hell
    Deconbrio – The Noise
    SadDolls – Amanda Blood
    L’Ame Immortelle – Why Can’t I Make You Feel


  • Screams From the Charnel House Radio Show Feb 21st

    Clan of Xymox – Emily
    Uninvited Guest -Beautiful Orchid
    Wolfsheim -Heroin she said
    Sisters of mercy – First and last and always
    Phantom Visions – Please please please
    Seventh Harmonic – Aiode
    Pete Murphy – See Saw Sway
    Silver Rocket -The Worst is yet to come
    New Model Army -Small Time England
    We Came from Waters -Android
    Beuty of Gemina – Seven day wonder
    Siouxsie & the Banshees – Arabain nights
    Play dead – Sin of sins
    The Knutz -Ghost dance party
    Red lorry yellow lorry -Hands off me
    Rubella Ballet -Every Second counts
    Alien Sex fiend – Dead and buried
    Theatre of Hate – I can see
    Fear of darkness – After the Fire
    Deuxvolt – Dance with Ghosts
    KMFDM – Krank

    The Next Screams from the Charnel House radio show will be at 6pm till 8pm on Tuesday 28th Feb 2012 on www.1radio.org


  • The Beauty of Gemina – Iscariot Blues

    The Beauty of Gemina
    ‘Iscariot Blues’
    Danse Macabre

    The fourth album in 6 years from Switzerland darkwave trio The Beauty of Gemina adds further value to their stock. They’ve always been pretty consistent in their releases and are a proven quality live band, but perhaps their consistency did sometimes lean on “predictable” at times. Continue reading  Post ID 148