New World Darkness Radio Playlist 5th March 2013

Here you go folks, no accompanying video this week… back next Tuesday 12th March on

Action Directe – Better Dead than Red
A Life Divided – Feel
Chapman Family – Cruel Britannia
Faderhead – Drunk German Bono
Tokyo Witch Hunt – Snowpop
Zeitgeist Zero – It’s Not Easy Being Strange
System:FX – Overdrive
Hurts – Miracle
Project Pitchfork – The Circus (Remix)
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing – Mutiny in the Common Soldiery
Radio DCS – Surrender
Skinner Box – Paperdoll People
Raven Adore – Silence is the Sweetest Sound
Faderhead – Take Your Fucking Meds
How to Destroy Angels – Ice Age
Cold in Berlin – Powerful Woman
Die Perlen – UKSSR
Squarehead ft Klayton – Idiot (Riot 87 Mix)
Lyriel – White Lily
Hurts – Somebody to Die For
Mental Discipline ft Alpha Point – Shine on Me
Skeleton Hands – I Was Lying When I Said it Was Ok
Nick Cave and the Bade Seeds – Push the Sky Away
Alexa De Strange – Babydoll