New World Darkness Playlist 7th May 2013

Bit belated but here’s the playlist from last week’s radio show.  Back as normal on Tuesday on – tune in from 6pm, first for The Charnel House show with DJ Ghost then for New World Darkness

Big Thanks to AlterRed for the interview.

listen again here >>>

The Beauty of Gemina – Suicide Landscapes
William Control – Romance and Devotion
Alterred interview – Part 1
Alterred – In The Garden
Riot 87 – We Are Back
Knife Party – EDM Death Machine
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Mermaids
Skinner Box – Goldfish Memory
Krystal System – Rage
Hope Estheim – Sleepwalking Socities
Alterred – Suits Me Like A Coma
Alterred – Interview Part 2
Alterred – Better Than Mending
Alterred – Red and Black Coins
Savages – No Face
Stupid Bitch Reject – Only
Telemark – Like Handling a Rope
Last July – Glamorous Parasite
Glis – Seconds
The March Violets – Made Glorious
Waterglass – Message Ends