New World Darkness Playlist 31.10.12

Here you go folks – a Hallowe’en edition of the show.   I’ll be back as normal on Tuesdays from 6th November.

If you want to hear this again, or catch up, I’ve uploaded a few shows to mixcloud :
Marilyn Manson – This is Hallowe’en
The Stompcrash – Enemy At Your Gates
The Last cry – Nowhere
Rossi Noise – Bringing the Fire
Celldweller – Cry Little Sister vs Hello Zepp
Dutch Order – Violence
Kitty in a Casket – Zombie Wannabe
Mesh – If We Stay Here (Zeromancer Remix)
Morlocks – Happy Day in Zombietown
Bad Pollyanna – Living Dead
Moonrise – Miss Havisham
Endless Shame – Hear Me Now
Inertia – The Line
Killing Joke – On All Hallow’s Eve
Dead When I Found Her – Dry Bed
Delerium – Hammer
Zombie Girl – Hallowe’en ’09
Tiamat – The Sun Also Rises
Lesbian Bed Death – Soul Sucker (video below… featuring yours truly!)
Modulate – Boombox
Paresis – Last Shadow
The Razor Skyline – Vittoria
In Strict Confidence – She came with Knives
Rome Burns – Non Specific Ghost Stories

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