New World Darkness Playlist 30.04.2013

Date : 30.04.2013 with : DJ Kev36663 on :

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Set list below.

Republica – Christiana Obey (Tenek Remix)
Principe Valiente – Take Me With You
Last July – Steal You Away
Faderhead – Up Yours, Solitude!
KMFDM – Kunst
Stupid Bitch Reject – Side by Side
The Beauty of Gemina – Dark Rain
Visage – Shameless Fashion
Hurts – Somebody to Die For
William Control – We Are Lovers
The March Violets – Billion3
Die Perlen – Die Cholera
Raven Adore – Seven Bells
The Luna Sequence – Whitewash Currents
Meinhard – ontopofthemushroom
Rossi Noise – Grin and Bare It
Faderhead – Dancers
The Saint Paul – Consequence
Waterglass – Message Ends
Telemark – a Thousand
Lolita Komplex – All The Things She Said
Sleetgrout – Feel Me Twice
No Not Never – We Were
Blind Faith and Envy – Loves a Consequence Away
Vuvuvultures – Stay Still
Lauren Krothe – A Darker Side