New World Darkness Playlist 28.05.2013

Here you go

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Set from 28/5 below – and podcast here :

Army of the Universe – Until the End
Terrolokaust – Blood Starts to Leak
Surgyn – Hit the Nerve
Bloody Dead and Sexy – Wasting Time in Berlin
Kitty in a Casket – Best Before Doomsday
Neuroticfish – Behaviour
Zynic – Boys of Summer
Helalyn Flowers – Hi-Tech Medusa
Bad Pollyanna – Living Dead
Obsessive Compulsive – Regurgitate
Mono Inc – My Deal With God
X-Fusion – What Remains is Black
Freakangel – The Book of Violence
The Synthetic Dream Foundation – Medusa’s Lair
Editors – Papillon (Tiesto Remix)
Army of the Universe – The Hipster Sacrifice
Terrolokaust – Falling Away From Me
Zynic – Dead End
Visage – She’s Electric (Coming Around)
Bloody Dead and Sexy – Never Street
The March Violets – Of Roses
Neutral Lies – Decipher Me
Blue Stahli – Never Dance Again
Imperative Reaction – Song of the Martyr (Mick Kenney Remix)
Hot Chocolate – Every 1’s a Winner