New World Darkness Playlist 27.04.2014

Here’s my radio set from earlier.  Included a little vid this time also for you 🙂

Listen again here :

Playlist below :

Delain – Stardust
Cynical Existance – Erase Me
Empathy Test – Losing Touch
Whispers in the Shadow – Agent of Chaos
The Stompcrash – Duality
Lyronian – Crisis
Information Society – Land of the Blind
Beastmilk – Nuclear Winter
The Spiritual Bat – We Are Born We Live We Die
Rave the Reqviem – The Svlphvry Void
Paresis – What is Love?
William Control – Adore (Fall In Love Forever)
Christian Death – Angels and Drugs
Eluveitie – Helvetios
Omnia – I don’t speak Human
Deathstars – All the Devil’s Toys
Neuro-Sentence – Kali
Whispers in the Shadow – His Name is Legion
Post War Glamour Girls – Jazz Funerals
Aesthetic Perfection – The New Black
Angelspit – Ambassador
Beastmilk – Love in a Cold World
Warpaint – Disco/Very {vid below}
Electric Resistance – Electric Trash

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