New World Darkness Playlist 25.06.2013

Here’s the playlist from yesterday, big thanks to Seamus from The .Invalid for being the special guest on my show, I’m back next Tuesday on – tune in from 6pm as Ghost is on first.

If you missed last night’s show – listen again here :
Unwoman – Temple of Love
Essence of Mind – Escape
Grosstadgefluester – 1000 Tonne Gluck
The .Invalid – Breaksequence
The .Invalid – Interview P1
The .Invalid – Deletion
The Nightchild – Memories
A Life Divided – Space
comaduster – Winter Eyes
Front Line Assembly – Killing Grounds
Deconbrio – The Noise
Terrolokaust – Falling Away From Me
Esben and the Witch – When That Head Splits (Remixed By Maps)
Delain – Are You Done With Me?
Unwoman – In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
Bad Pollyanna – Awake Now
Cease2xist – My Burning Rage (MiXE1 Remix)
The .Invalid – Interview P2
The .Invalid – Cry Wolf
Sigur Ros – Yfirbord
Alterred – In the Garden
Pretty Addiction – Back (Stabbers) In the Twilight Zone