New World Darkness Playlist 24.12.2013

Kev’s last ever show on : stay tuned for any updates on new stations/shows

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Playlist :

Chvrches – Recover
Rabia Sorda – Morbid Circus
Aesthetic Perfection – Big Bad Wolf
Darkhaus – Hour of Need
Principe Valiente – She Never Returned
Kosheen – 745
Solar Fake – Face Me
Mondträume – Life is Short
Cold in May – Last Day on Earth
Lesbian Bed Death – When You Don’t See Me
Sweet Ermengarde – Kisses
Celldweller – Purified
Machinista – Molecules and Carbon
Cauda Pavonis – Saturnalia
Abney Park – The Anthropophagists’ Club
Suicide Commando – Unterwelt
BlakOpz – The Beginning
Icon and the Black Roses – Silence is Everything
The Exploding Boy – Dark City (Pt. II)
Blue Stahli – The Fall
Ost+Front – Liebeslied
Darkhaus – Breaking the Silence
Aaimon – Seraphim
Vanguard – On My Own (vid below)
Leonard Cohen – Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye

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