New World Darkness Playlist 23.07.2013

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Icon of Coil – Regret
Digicore – I Don’t Belong Here
Halo in Reverse – King O
The Chapman Family – This English Life
Ulterior – Body Hammer
Front Line Assembly – Exhale
Cryogenic Echelon – Commonwealth
New Years Day – Bloody Mary
Kitty in a Casket – Kreepsville
Mr Kitty – Unstable
Diorama – My Favourite Song
Terrolokaust – Reversing in Circles (Sin DNA Remix)
Virgins O.R Pigeons – Bleed to Lead (I Give Up)
The March Violets – Ramming Speed
Die Perlen – UKSSR
Celldweller – Razorface
Blue Stahli – Burning Bridges
New Years Day – Any Last Words?
Zeitgeist Zero – When the Lights Go Down
Equinoxx – Time to Die
Hope Estheim – Sleepwalking Society
Helalyn Flowers – Hi-Tech Medusa
Funker Vogt – Six Feet Under
Blind Faith and Envy – The Long Goodbye