New World Darkness Playlist 23.04.2013

Here you go – playlist below – podcast here :

Back on next Tuesday from 7pm (UK time) – Ghost from 6pm!

Skeletal Family – Promised Land
The Hiram Key – Meds
Clan of Xymox – Is Vic There?
Within Temptation – Grenade
Last July – True Story of a Lie
Republica – Christiana Obey
Torul – Glow
Sleetgrout – Get Rid of This Life
Terrolokaust – The Way it Must Be (FGFC820 Mix)
The Beauty of Gemina – Rumours (Myrhh Sessions)
The Danse Society – White Rabbit
You Love Her Coz She’s Dead – Leap of Desire
Mesh – You Didn’t Want Me
Stahlmann – Leuchtfeuer
Code 64 – Accelerate
Deadcell – Ode to Fuck
Hope Estheim – You’ll Never Have Her Fire
Within Temptation – The Power of Love
Blind Passenger – I Ran
Riot 87 – Unstoppable
Dungeon Elite – Meteorite
The Beauty of Gemina – Kingdom of Cancer
Waterglass – Only You
Foretaste – 21 (Franck Kartell Remix)
Dismantled – Dead on Impact (Afterlife Party Remix)
WormZ – Red Queen