New World Darkness Playlist 20.03.12

Another great week.  Thanks again.  I’ll be with you again on Tuesday 27th March at 8pm on – but please tune in from 6pm, as Ghost is on first.

My playlist from tonight, 20th March, was…

Eisenfunk – Super Space Invaders
Faderhead – Fistful of Fuck You
Surgyn – Sharp As Stars
The Exploding Boy – Dark City
Deconbrio – Misbehave
Miss FD – Infatuated
Spucktute – I Blame the Human League
Lyriel – White Lily
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing – Brunel
Faderhead – Swedish Models and Cocaine
Everything Goes Cold – Monsters of the Modern Age (Ray Gun Remix by Uberbyte)
Inure – The Offering
Eisbrecher – Verruckt

til next time…. enjoy the new Faderhead vid…