New World Darkness Playlist 16.07.2013

The link if you missed it or want to listen again :


The playlist :

Terrolokaust – The Way It Must Be
Bloody Dead and Sexy – Home is Where My Heart May Rest
Vuvuvultures – Stay Still
Equinoxx – I Told You So
Icon of Coil – PerfectSex
The Hiram Key – The Lie
Forever Still – Towards the Edge
Vangaurd – Shine
Covenant – Last Dance
Digicore – You’re Not Like Me
Cease2xist – My Burning Rage (MiXE1 Remix)
Supercraft – Stranded
Funker Vogt – Battlefield of Love
Sirenia – Cold Caress
Surgyn – Feed Me fame
Aesthetic Perfection – Damn Good Rhythm
The .Invalid – A Dying Breed
Equinoxx – The Man You’ve Made
Essence of Mind – Escape
The Hiram Key – The Dark
Front Line Assembly – Echogenetic
Virgins O.R. Pigons – Bleed to Lead (I Give Up)
Cryogenic Echelon – Hate Yourself (Ruinizer Remix)
Interface – It Begins Today