New World Darkness Playlist 16.03.2014

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Playlist below, split cos I wanted to include two videos this time

Rabia Sorda – Deaf
Neuro-Sentence – Samsara
Laibach – The Whistleblowers (vid in gap)
Tying Tiffany – Spin Around
Seabound – Nothing But Love
The Witch Hunt – One Big Bite
October People – When the Sun Goes Down
Nitronoise – No One Shall Return
Rossi Noise – Can’t Stop Me (til the Sun Comes Up)
Terrolokaust – Two-Faced Leader
Ost+Front – Feuer und Eisen
Beauty Queen Autopsy – Good, Giving, Game
Cold in May – Last Day on Earth

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Seelennacht – New Visions
Erotic Elk – My My Hey Hey
Beata Beatrix – Love Kills Love
The Beauty of Gemina – Mariannah
Blutengel – Krieger
The Toten Crackhuren Im Kofferraum – Last Unicorn
Lebanon Hanover – I Believe You Can Survive
The Pins – Girls Like Us
Tying Tiffany – One Second (vid below)
Vanguard – Leaving You Behind
Mono Inc – Twice in Life
The Exploding Boy – Street Cliche
Darkhaus – Breaking the Silence (Eisbrecher Club Cut)
Chvrches – Strong Hand
Ravage! Ravage! – Eat Your Malancholy

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