New World Darkness Playlist 14.05.2013

Here we go again – playlist from 14.05.2013

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The Beauty of Gemina – The Lonesome Death of a Goth DJ
Kitty in a Casket – Kreepsville
Vuvuvultures – I’ll Cut You
Blue Stahli – Burning Bridges
Rossi Noise – Grin and Bare It
Delain – Cordell
The March Violets – Bottle of Poison
9th Evolution – Collapsing 101
Mechanical Cabaret – Disbehave
Gothminister – Utopia
Squid – Fist
The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Steph(V)Enson
Mesh – Adjust Your Set
Kitty in a Casket – Dancing With The Devil [vid below]
Savages – Waiting for A Sign
Blue Stahli – Takedown (Xina Version)
Midless Self Indulgence – Witness
Mono Inc – My Deal with God
Aghast Manor – Penetrate
Delain – Breathe On Me
The Saint Paul – Consequence
9th Evolution – Priced to Sell
Method Cell – The Fallacy (Exhibit A)
AlterRed – Spine
Murder Love God – Witch

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