New World Darkness Playlist 13.04.2014

Kev’s playlist and radio show from Sunday gone

Listen again :

Playlist :
Apoptygma Berzerk – Til the End of the World
Delain – My Masquerade
Within Temptation – Paradise
The Stompcrash – Duality
Post War Glamour Girls – Stolen Flowers Rust
Rave the Reqviem – Is Apollo Still Here?
Combichrist – Maggots at the Party
The Spiritual Bat – If I Were a Flower
Christian Death – Sleepwalk
Lyronian – Long Live the King
Erotic Elk – Burning Down Your House
God Module – Hating How We Love
Essence of Mind – Hate
Delain – Scarlet
Bad Pollyanna – Hollow
The Spiritual Bat – Mosiac
Ravage! Ravage! – Eat Your Melancholy
Rave the Reqviem – System Vs. Solitaire
Vanguard – On My Own
The Stompcrash – Love from Hell
Abney Park – Scheherazade
Lyronian – Future Door
William Control – Revelator
Neuro-Sentence – Anhedonia