New World Darkness Playlist 12.11.2013

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Playlist :

The Cruxshadows – Birthday
Freakangel – Into The Fire
Die Krupps – Robo Sapien
Jordan Reyne – The Annihilation Sequence
Partly Faithful – Big Bang Medicine
Hope Estheim – Heartless Disaster
Aesthetic Perfection – Big Bad Wolf
October People – The Wait
Sweet Ermengarde – A Promise to Fulfill
The Sounds – Shake Shake Shake
Outsight – Beneath a Steel Sky
The Witch Hunt – One Big Bite
The March Violets – Of Roses
Mesh – Adjust Your Set (Mabose Radio-Edit)
System Syn – Truth and Consequence
Freakangel – Suck the Poison In
Terrolokaust – Dwindling Hope
Lesbian Bed Death – Skin Crawler
Abney Park – Blowing Off Steam
Helalyn Flowers – Videodope
Laibach – No History
Outsight – Body in Motion
iVardensphere – The Impossible Box
In Extremo – Wege Ohne Namen