New World Darkness Playlist 12.03.13

Playlist from tonight, 12.03.13 – we’re back from 6pm next and every Tuesday on

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System:FX – Destroyer
A Life Divided – The Lost
The Last Cry – Jane
Mechatronic – Lifelike Dreams
Blutengel – You Walk Away
Junkyard + The Wings of Desire – Watching
LisaWars – Die Angst in deinen Augen
Not Not Never – We Were
Intelligentsia – Badlands (Anarchy Mix)
The 69 Eyes – Love Runs Away
William Control – True Love Will Find You in the End
KMFDM – Kunst
Escape the Fate – Issues (Riot 87 Mix)
The Chapman Family – No More Tears
Vuvuvultures – I’ll Cut You
Melotron – Stuck in the Mirror
Faderhead – Dancers
Ayria – Missed the Mark
VNV Nation – Cold (Rated X Mix)
Skinner Box – A Passage In Time
Raven Adore – Have You Lost Your Mind
Mechatronic – Imaginary Friends
Rabia Sorda – Eye M the Blacksheep
Hocico – Fed Up
Lolita Komplex – All The Things She Said
Suicidal Romance – Burning Love