New World Darkness Playlist 11.06.12

Slightly impromptu show in light that I’ll be skipping out to see William Control tomorrow.   Back as normal on on June 19th – til then, you were listening to :

Ending the Vicious Cycle – 1000 Words (Angels of Liberty Mix)
X-Rx – Escalate
Outsight – Beneath a Steel Sky
Delain – Generation Me
Dark Princess – We Can Not Fly So High
Celldweller – Louder than Words
Darker Days Tomorrow – Idol (Gothsicles Poison Control Mix)
Date at Midnight – By the Wall
Terminal Gods – Electric Eyes
Blue Stahli – Give Me Everything You’ve Got
Paresis – I’m not afraid of you 2.0
William Control – Come Die with Me
Mono Inc – After the War

Lord of the Lost – Dry the Rain
O Children – I Know (You Love Me)
Assemblage 23 – Outsider
MiXE1 – This is Not Goodbye
Nothing Nada – Shining (feat Hiko Suzuki)
Terrornation – X Factory
Phobos Corp – One Eternal (Felicity)
Lesbian Bed Death – Seven Days
Celldweller – So Long Sentiment vs Eon
FGFC820 – In Country
Peter Heppner – Meine Welt