New World Darkness Playlist 10.12.2013

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Playlist below :

The Sisters of Mercy – Flood
The Toten Crackhuren Im Kofferraum – Kopf, Knie
Dreams Divide – Trashed
The Mission – The Girl in a Furskin Rug
Fields of the Nephilim – Power
Icon & The Black Roses – With or Without You
The Exploding Boy – Shadows
Rabia Sorda – Two Bullets
Cease2xist – My Burning Rage (Mixe1 remix)
Lost Area – When Darkness Falls (vid below)
Ost+Front – Bitte, Schlag Mich
Post War Glamour Girls – Jazz Funerals
Vuvuvultures – Tell No One
ESA – No One Will Ever Touch You
iVardensphere – A Black Sun on the Horizon (Invocation)
Cold in May – Last Day on Earth
Delain – Cordell
Aesthetic Perfection – The Dark Half
System Syn – Daydream from a Deathbed
Lebanon Hanover – I Believe You Can Survive
The Pins – Girls Like Us
October People – Voices
Saltatio Mortis – Wachstum Uber Alles
Jordan Reyne – Song for Winter Solstice
UK Decay – Revolutionary Love Song
Apoptygma Berzerk – Major Tom (Coming Home)

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