New World Darkness Playlist 05.06.12

A special extended show looking specifically at British bands – a bit of a mix through some new bands and releases from the UK.  Back to normal from next week.

Alice Moving Under Skies – Painted Faces
Kommand + Kontrol – Watched by Machines
Flesh Eating Foundation – So Yeah (Angelspit Remix)
Lesbian Bed Death – Ghost Face
O Children – PT Cruiser
Inertia – Repeat and Follow
Surgyn – Sharp as Stars
Lebanon Hanover – Totally Tot
Miserylab – Tomorrow For Us
Null White – Burn
Pitchshifter – UnUnited Kingdom
Terminal Gods – Electric Eyes
Cauda Pavonis – Peace through Superior Firepower
Terrornation – X Factory
Paresis – Alice
March Violets – Tokyo Flow
Killing Joke – In Cythera
From the Cradle to the Rave – Bedtime for Austerity
Cease2Xist – I Am Destroyer
Zeitgeist Zero – When the Lights Go Down
The Eden House – Neversea
MiXE1 – Spark in the Air
Mesh – You’ll Never Understand
Outsight – Beneath a Steel Sky