New World Darkness Playlist 03.12.2013

Here’s the playlist from tonight

Listen again here (it worked this week!) :
Mindless Self Indulgence – It Gets Worse
A Life Divided – The Last Dance
Aesthetic Perfection – Antibody
Lebanon Hanover – Sadness is Rebellion
Post War Glamour Girls – Johnny and Mary
The Toten Crackhuren Im Kofferraum – Verruckt Bleiben, Bitte
Faderhead – Dancers
Rabia Sorda – Somewhere Along the Road
Freakangel – The Ones to Fall
Placebo – Too Many Friends
Mono Inc – Gothic Queen (acoustic)
ESA – False in Tongue
Rossi Noise – Grin and Bear It
The Algorithm – Warp Gate Exploit
Solar Fake – Face Me
Lost in Desire – Put Out the Light
The Witch Hunt – One Big Bite
Velvet Condom – Silky Lolita
Love? – This City
Rabia Sorda – Deaf
Terrolokaust – The Way it Must Be
Lebanon Hanover – Autofocus Has Ruined Quality
The Exploding Boy – Street Cliche
Technoir – We Fall Apart
Voicecoil – Freefall
Virgins O.R Pigeons – Gotta Get Mad