New World Darkness Playlist 03.09.2013


Eesh, into September already….  here’s last night’s playlist – back again next Tuesday 7pm-9pm on

You can listen again here :

Alterred – Red and Black Coins
Zynic – Dead End
Surgyn – Feed Me Fame
Vuvuvultures – Another Hit
The Violets – Hush Away
Pride and Fall – Sculptor of Lust and Desire
The Algorithm – Logic Bomb
WTCHRS – Cut the Ribbon
O Children – Ruins
Virgins O.R. Pigons – Bleed to Lead (I Give Up)
Terrolokaust – Reversing in Circles
Winter Severity Index – The Gift
Eklipse – Rock the Casbah
Nightmare City – Let Fear Take Control
The .Invalid – A Dying Breed
Saltatio Mortis – My Bonnie Mary
Mono Inc – Heile, Heile Segen
Aesthetic Perfection – The Dark Half (AAIMON Remix)
Sleetgrout – Let’s Talk About Life
Dungeon Elite – Tyrael
Rossi Noise – Grin and Bear It
The Watermarks – Run Away
The Sisters of Mercy – Body Electric
New Model Army – Master Race
Comaduster – Chasms
Covenant – Last Dance

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