New World Darkness Playlist 02.02.2014

(NB : club playlist from last night to follow in a couple of days, this was the radio playlist from Kev’s show tonight)

For a while I’d talked about doing a ‘retro’ playlist – something of the era of 10 years ago, bands and tracks that were popular or active at the time – given this week has been slow for new releases… I decided to do it this week.

Anyway you can listen again here :

Or the playlist is here :

star Industry – Nineties
Cauda Pavonis – Love Like Broken Glass
Manuskript – Outlines
Nekromantik – Children Go Bang
Katscan – (Screaming Like A) Crack Baby
Die Krupps – Fatherland (Remix)
Dream Disciples – Care of the Devil
Squid – End Game
Das Ich – Gottes Tod
Suspiria – Allegedly, Dancefloor Mix
Intra-Venus – Persecution
Swarf – Subtext
London After Midnight – Kiss
The Faces of Sarah – Misery Turns
Inkubus Sukkubus – Belladonna and Aconite
Killing Miranda – Angelfly
Alice 2 – It’s a Crime
Pro-Jekt – Day After Never
Mesh – Firefly
Wolfsheim – Heroin, She Said
Screaming Banshee Aircrew – Uproot Them
Libitina – Gothic People
Narcissus Pool – For Porno Use Only
Zeromancer – Clone Your Lover
The Kovenant – The Memory Remains