Neu Goth! Goth Revival? Article from Louderthanwar

Louder Than War have written a little piece entitled ‘Neu Goth! Goth Revival?’ for their website.

You can read the article here :

A lot of the bands in this ‘revival’ aren’t new to us – we’ve been playing many of them at Charnel House, some for quite a while, as well on our respective radio shows.

It’s very difficult, at times, to guess which genres will breakthrough, but this so-called Neu-Goth has been bubbling under long enough, gradually building up more and more interest, that perhaps the conditions could be right.

Or it could be wishful thinking 😉

This year alone has produced many excellent releases that fit the description of the article – many of which will be in my (Kev) album of the years list later this year (not that I’ve much time left!) but in the meanwhile, if this has wet your appetite and you’d like some similar bands to check out – then I can recommend the following…    Cold in Berlin, Dutch Order, Lebanon Hanover, Luxury Stranger, Ulterior, Terminal Gods and Radio DCS – not an exhaustive list, but bands I really like who’ve put out some top records recently.

Over the past few years I’ve lost count of how many ‘Goth Revivals’ I’ve seen fail to materialise, but, hey,   as long as the music is good….