Mash-Up Festival : Update


I admit I’ve been a little slow off the mark on this, but there’s a bunch of exciting updates to Mash-Up Festival where I (Kev) am performing at.

Performing, can I say performing?  Oo-er.  Well, I’m opening the second stage with a DJ set – it should be interesting.

Anyway, the fest is now reschedule for August 31st.  Sadly had to be moved as the original April date looked less feasible with the late start to Spring and threats of snow…!

What is really exciting is that the new date has enabled two awesome additions to the bill : Sonicboomsix and The Algorithm. Awesome bands, they’re both headlining one of the smaller stages at Download, so a massive coup for the lads to have at the first Mash-Up festival.

Anyway… you can still get tickets directly from me : pop into our store and you can get some – huzzah –