Kev36663’s albums of 2012

It’s that time again when I publish my list of what I considered to be the best 20 albums of 2012.

How I compile these, throughout the year I add any music I receive or buy to a spreadsheet and mark an X next to anything that I think could be a contender for the final 20.  Then, I spend a day working out which releases will formulate a top 20 and in which order.

There are 284 releases on my spreadsheet from 2012 (though that does include some EPs – although, anything truly awful I delete from the sheet) and 43 were marked with an X and had to be trimmed down to the final 20.

Anything within the Gothic, Industrial and related scenes are eligible for consideration – although I also DJ at a local rock night, I’ve never really followed albums with the same level of dedication – however, remix albums, live albums, ‘best of’ compilations, re-issues, EPs, etc. are not eligible.

It’s probably likely that there are some albums not included in this list because I haven’t heard them  – but – see above on how many I’ve listened to this year!  It is very likely that there will be some surprise omissions, but a short answer being here that the first short-list was 43, the final list is 20 – and I felt it better to keep it down to 20 to add more value to those included, rather than increase the list…

So, anyway….

The top 20… in reverse order…

20) Escape with Romeo – Samsara
19) Radio DCS – I Try My Best To Mainstream
18) Dead When I Found Her – Rag Doll Blues
17) Lyriel – Leverage
16) Dutch Order – Contact
15) Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline
14) Assemblage 23 – Bruise
13) Puppet Lane – Myths
12) The Last Cry – Living in Grey
11) Cryogenic Echelon – Antipode
10) Uberbyte – 5 Year Plan
9) Eisbrecher – Die Holle Muss Warten
8) Cruxshadows – As the Dark Against My Halo
7) Cold in Berlin – And Yet
6) Mono Inc – After the War
5) Lord of the Lost – Die Tomorrow
4) The Beauty of Gemina – Iscariot Blues
3) Lebanon Hanover – The World is Getting Colder
2) Delain – We Are The Others
1) Celldweller – Wish Upon a Blackstar

I’ve put little links above so you can go check the bands. There may be names up there you don’t know – and their new releases are well worth checking out 😀

Kev36663 is a DJ at The Charnel House in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He also broadcasts a weekly radio show, on Tuesday nights, 7pm-9pm each week on