Jayce Lewis and Surgyn join Combichrist tour

I’m sure this is a moment some of you have been waiting for a while… I dunno what it is…. why is one of the first questions asked when a band/tour announced “Who is the Support?” ??

Well, anyway… the full line up is announced.  Combichrist (headline – you know the band you’re paying to see 😉 ) Jayce Lewis (Main Support – all dates) Surgyn (all dates) deadfilmstar (opening – Newcastle only)

All 3 bands were chosen by Combichrist to perform with them.  There’s a lot of difference in styles, so something for most electro fans.

More under the cut…

Jayce Lewis is the missing link between Gary Numan and Andy LaPlegua – which is fitting as he’s toured with both.  Mostly synth based, with an abrasive edge.  He headlines major events off in Asia and is now looking to forge a name in the UK.

Here’s one of his vids.


Sure you local lot know Surgyn by now – if not, you’ve been hiding! It’s their third Newcastle date in the past 12 months for the Dundee lads, some great shows with Angelspit and Eisenfunk in Legends back room and now it’ll be good to see the duo on the big stage.

If you’re not familiar with them, they’re the musical equivilent of a horrific make-over gone wrong.

Here’s a video of them :


And finally….

deadfilmstar.  More info here : http://www.thecharnelhouse.com/deadfilmstar-to-open-for-combichrist/ – but, they’re noisy and they’re rattly.  They have guitars and a sharp attitude.  Hints of metal and industrial – they’ll get stuff to a weighty start.

No video at the minute as they’re in the middle of reinventing their sound again, oo-er…

Tickets… well… tickets are starting to fly out now… you can grab some from the ‘store’ on the Charnel House website – local record shops – www.seetickets.com – www.ticketweb.co.uk – etc.

Don’t miss out!