Goth in the Charts Shocker


I’d say “who saw this coming?” but we certainly did. There’s been a fresh and raw post-punk movement simmering under the surface for quite a while and it was only a matter of time before an act gained breakthrough success.

A quick look at the UK Top 40 this week and you’ll see that SAVAGES are sitting at number 19 in the album charts, with their debut album ‘Silence Yourself’.

Savages are one of the post-punk bands we’ve been plugging a lot lately and it looks like they’ve a slice of commercial recognition to go with it.

Whether this sparks a full on post-punk revival (there are plenty of other similar quality acts – like Vuvuvultures, Cold in Berlin, Lebanon Hanover, The Chapman Family, etc.) remains to be seen, but either way we’ll continue to support bands of that ilk at The Charnel House and on the respective radio shows, alongside favourites and classics.

If you’ve somehow missed Savages or what they’re like – here’s a vid for you

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