February Charnel House : Giveaway


Great news folks, as part of our next Charnel House on February 2nd we’ve some hot giveaways including an EXCLUSIVE compilation from Deathwatch Asia.

Bands/Labels/Companies – if you’re interested in contributing to this giveaway (or a future giveaway) please contact us
The giveaway will take place on Feb 2nd, entry will be the usual £3.50 on the door (£2 for Rock Soc with valid card)  – we’ve basically a bag full of CDs – as well as the DWA compilation (including great tracks from their roster and a the sensational ‘Eins, Zwei, Drei, Fuck’ collaboration between XP8 and Surgyn) also CDs from Scandacross, Engine of Excess and anything else that falls into our palms between then and now.

More info on Deathwatch Asia >>> http://www.deathwatchasia.com/

Plus, as well as that, you get your usual action packed Charnel House – our energetic blend of Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Industrial, Dark Alternative etc. with DJs Ghost, Queenie and Kev36663.

See you in Feb 🙂