Durham Masked Ball and Banquet

Charnel House Promotions  cordially invite you to the inaugural Durham Masked Ball to be held on the Saturday 25th of August 2012 in the historical surroundings of the Joachim Room in Durham, part of the St.Hild and St. Bede Campus of Durham University.

The ball will be a formal event with a 3 course served banquet followed by dancing and revelry. Masks are encouraged, with a formal unmasking at midnight.

Theme to be announced shortly.

Tickets will be £50 for a single ticket or £90 for a pair.

Early bird tickets will be available until March 31st and will be offered at the lower rate of £45 for a single or £80 for a pair.  These are available to reserve at any Charnel House, or can be bought below.

Formal greeting by your hosts from 20.00 Banquet to be served from 20.30 with soft music to accompany followed by a ball and dancing till 01.00.

Single Ticket : 

Pair :