Charnel House top played tracks of 2013

Following on from yesterday’s post listing the top played bands at Charnel House (for both a statto and ‘what we play’ purpose) here’s our top 13 played tracks of 2013.

13 is coincidental, btw – there were 12 tracks on 4 plays and a ‘top 25’ may have been excessive…

Here goes.

The Cruxshadows Halo8
Radio DCS Voodoo Doll8
Fields of the Nephilim Power7
The Bolshoi A Way6
Ending the Vicious Cycle 1000 Words (Angels of Liberty Mix)6
The Merry Thoughts Pale Empress6
O Children Ruins6
The Cult She Sells Sanctuary5
The Cure The Lovecats5
The Cure The Walk5
Echo and the Bunnymen The Cutter5
Human League Sound of the Crowd5
Siouxsie and the Banshees Spellbound5

It’s no surprise to see ‘Halo’ at the top – as well as being an awesome tune and a crowd favourite, it’s also an unofficial anthem of us lot (“we won’t sit down, we won’t shut up, we won’t go quietly away”)

Perhaps the same could be said for Voodoo Doll… haha

We know there are one or two done-to-death tracks up there, but interesting that we’re not completely dominated by all the usual suspects (The Sisters of Mercy are on of our top played bands, but we didn’t play any track more than 4 times.  Temple of Love spun just twice in 2013) this isn’t deliberate as such – just nice the way things play out and reassuring we’ve imagination above just a couple of songs…

Anyway.  Sure this will interest some of you.  Do of course check out any tracks you’re unfamiliar with : you’ve probably heard them at our place anyway 🙂